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Want to take the opportunity to check out our low commissions on stock trades?

Then, what about the commissions on options? Want to borrow against your marginable securities? Check the margin rates here.

Note!  This topic covers our prices and fees as they are today. They are subject to change periodically, without prior notice.

Prices for Stock, Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), Option and Mutual Fund Trades

Check out our low prices:

Type of order
Stock/ETF Trades - Priced less than $1, unlimited number of shares. $29.95
Stock/ETF Trades - Priced at $1 or greater, 0 - 4,999 shares $14.95
Stock/ETF Trades - Priced at $1 or greater, 5,000 shares or more $0.01 per share
Option orders $20 + $1.75
per contract
($29 minimum)
No Load Mutual Funds $24.95 - $34.95
Load Mutual Funds See Prospectus
Broker-assisted trades (in addition to regular commission) $15.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Rather than passing these fees on through higher transaction fees, we believe that only those who need these services should pay for them. So, your account will be charged the following miscellaneous fees for each of the services listed below:

Annual Custodial Fee - Hold securities positions without trades $50.00
Annual Custodial Fee - Mutual Fund positions only without trades $25.00
ACH transfer rejects $25.00
Annual holding fee per REIT/ limited partnership (retirement account) $35.00
Cash due and margin interest charges As applicable
Direct Registration (DRS) $20.00
Employee stock option exercise (plus margin interest) $75.00
Extensions $25.00
Foreign securities processing As incurred
Foreign securities transaction charge $85.00
Legal transfer $60.00
Limited Partnership Re-registration As incurred
Mutual Fund short-term redemption fee (Pershing NTF Funds only) $50.00
Outgoing retail account transfers $95.00
Overnight delivery outgoing non-ACAT transfers over $100,000 $12.00
Overnight delivery (standard) $12.00
Restricted Securities Processing $75.00
Retirement account maintenance fee ($100,000 or more) No Charge
Retirement account maintenance fee (under $100,000) IRA, SEP $35.00
Retirement account maintenance fee - SARSEP, Simple, QRP $50.00
Retirement account termination fee $95.00
Returned checks $25.00
Stock dividend reinvestment No Charge
Stop payments $25.00
Stop/replace certificate As incurred
Wired Funds $25.00

Note: Fees are subject to change periodically, without prior notice.

Margin interest rates

Below are the rates we'll charge on the balance outstanding when you trade on margin.

Debit Balance:

Margin interest rate:

Less than $9,999.99

2.75% above Base Lending Rate

$10,000 to $29,999.99

2.00% above Base Lending Rate

$30,000 to $49,999.99

1.50% above Base Lending Rate

$50,000 and up

.75% above Base Lending Rate

Note!  These rates are subject to change periodically, without prior notice. Margin interest rates adjust as the Base Lending Rate changes. Our Base Lending Rate is set at Pershing LLC’s discretion with reference to commercially recognized interest rates (such as the broker call rates) and is subject to change without notice. When the Base Lending Rate changes during an interest period, interest will be calculated according to the number of days each rate is in effect during that period.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Margin trading involves risks and it is important that you fully understand those risks before trading on margin. Read the Margin Disclosure Statement which outlines those risks, including:

Current money market fund yields

Please refer to the "Rateboard" for updated money market information.

Mutual fund commissions

CFS commissions schedule for mutual funds:

Fund type
Buy, sell, and exchange no loads.
Funds with front-end, back-end, or level sales charges (loads)
See your prospectus
Broker-assisted orders
Additional $15.00

Note!  These rates are subject to change periodically, without prior notice.

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