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Open an account
Log on to ®
Make your first trade
Check your account
What's next?



Welcome to Getting Started with ®, the online trading service offered by (). In this guide you'll find all the instructions you need to quickly get started using the basic features of ®. After you complete these basic tasks, you can explore more features and find more in-depth information in the Help section accessed from the green panel on the far left.

Opening an account
Sign up as ® and open one or more personal, investment club, corporate, or other types of accounts.

Logging on to ®
To use the -only features of ®, such as trading, log on to the ® site as a .

Making your first trade
Get quotes, research stocks, then place your first order to buy a stock.

Checking your account
See the balance in your ® account and a history of your transactions.

What's next?
Now that you have been introduced to the basic features of ®, see a description of the more advanced features of ®, such as portfolios and research tools.