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Before you begin
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Opening an account

This section describes all the information you need to have available before you fill out your application, and the various ways you can apply for ® account.

Before you begin
You need to know what kind of account you want to open and how you want to pay for the trades you make. If you open an account with other people or if you want other people to make trades on your account, you'll also need to have certain information about those people.

Applying for an account
Fill out your application online and print when prompted. Then send your signed application and initial deposit to . We'll also need a copy of your government issued identification in order to open your account (all signers must provide their identification). Once we receive and approve your application and process your deposit, we'll notify you by mail with instructions on how to log on to your account.

Read your agreement
Read the Customer Agreement to make sure that you understand your rights and responsibilities.