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What's next?

Now that you've opened an account and explored some of our most basic features, see these other features:

Quotes and Markets Tab
See the most active stocks, percentage winners and losers, set up email alerts, search for stocks using our stock screening feature, and set up your Portfolio to watch.

Quotes Tab
Get your stock and mutual fund quotes here as well as option quotes and chains. You can also obtain company profiles, interactive charts, news and fundamentals on a particular company.

Tracker Tab
Maintain a Portfolio that you can use to track the investments you own and other investments that you are just interested in.

Alerts Tab
Stock Alerts can be sent via email or cellular phone. Click "Help" under this tab to see the various examples.

News Tab
Displays current news on Public Companies.

Screener/Fund Screener
These research tools allow you to enter various parameters to help you screen for applicable stocks or mutual funds.

Most Actives/Gainers/Losers
See what's happening for the day in these areas.