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Placing a stock order

This page shows you how to place a basic stock order. At , you can also place orders to buy options contracts, and mutual funds. For more information about placing other types of orders, see "Making Trades."

How to place a stock order

  1. To place your order,

    • From the TRADING tab select Stock.

  2. Be sure the correct account is pulled up.

  3. Enter the Stock Symbol. If you don't know the symbol enter the name of the company and click go.

  4. Then select a transaction type Buy or Sell.

  5. Next, indicate Quantity by typing the number of shares that you want to buy. If you're placing an All-or-None (AON) order, the number you enter must be at least 100.

  6. Order Type:
    For a market order, select Market. Otherwise, select the applicable type and enter the price in the space to the right.
    • Market: you just ask the broker to buy or sell your stocks at the best price available.
    • Limit: you tell the broker to trade only when the stock hits a certain price or better.
    • Stop: you tell the broker to sell your shares if the stock drops below a certain price or to buy shares if a stock rises above a certain price.
    • Stop Limit: a regular stop order that becomes a limit order rather than a market order when the stock hits the stop price.
    • All or None: use this option when you want to execute your entire order at the price you specify or no part of it.
    • Fill or Kill: you want to execute your entire order immediately at the price you specify or cancel the order immediately.

  7. Duration:
    Select either Day or GT 60 days (Good for 60 days, then it cancels if it doesn't reach your limit price).

    Note! Market orders cannot be placed as GT 60.
    Note! Day orders expire at the end of the day if they do not execute.
    Note! GT 60 orders are cancelled after 60 days if not executed.

  8. Click Order Review or Reset (if you want to delete information and begin again).

If there is a problem with your order, one of the following things may have happened:
  • The execution price of the stock differs significantly from the quoted price. This may occur when there is a problem with the price provided by the company that provided the quote. If this happens, call Support at .

  • If trading of this stock was halted by the exchange, the exchange can't accept new orders until trading resumes. Existing limit orders will be held in a queue and may be cancelled at the end of the day. Existing market orders will be filled on a "Best Efforts" basis. If you haven't received confirmation that your market order was filled, call us at and we'll contact the market maker to see if the order was filled or if it was allowed to expire.

  • If the quoted price for this stock is not a firm quote, the order is probably for a Bulletin Board/Pink Sheet stock. You can never receive a firm quote for these types of stocks. You must call our Customer Support Desk to place this type of order for you. There may be an additional cost.